Guide to Selling Your Home During Divorce

A Realtor® has an important role in divorce. Most likely each spouse is represented by separate and opposing consultation. The Realtor® has a responsibility to be neutral to both parties, communicate the same information accurately and professionally between the parties and uncover house status to help in the negotiations of assets.

Before settlement is the most important time to discover exactly what is involved with house matters. Surprisingly, many house documents are overlooked in divorce yet they may save you a great deal stress and they are free of charge.

If you feel overwhelmed, too busy or not knowing where to find your house documents; consider getting quick results from a Realtor® who is trained to spot pitfalls in house matters in divorce. Some issues that may come in divorce are the following:

  • Basis for market value
  • Mortgage re-finance evidence
  • HELOC—2nd mortgage
  • House condition evidence
  • Lien Evidence
  • Title Evidence
  • Title Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Mortgage status
  • Property Tax Status

My training has armed me with proprietary software written by a Harvard Law Professor, designed to leave no stone unturned.

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