Nancy Adinolfe's Homebeat Report®


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The real estate market is a lot like a living breathing thing. It changes and adapts, rises and falls over time. You could even say that it has its own heartbeat. That is why I am proud to share with you a cloud-based neighborhood market feature called “Homebeat”.

Homebeat keeps you up to date on the value of your most important asset. And it compares your home with others right in your own neighborhood.

Homebeat automatically sends market updates once per month and shows you real properties in your neighborhood directly from the Mulitple Listing Services. The multiple listing service is used by Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, and all the other syndicated internet websites. Since it is directly from the Multiple Listing Service, there are more interior pictures of the homes.

Homebeat is LOVED by all my clients. Fill in the information to get started today! You will receive an email from Cloudcma and it needs to be accepted by clicking on a blue button at the bottom of the email that reads, “accept and compare your home”

You won’t want to miss this report and I guarantee 100% you will be looking forward to it every month!