COVID Seller Protection Plan


Sell Your Home Virtually GUARANTEED or We'll Sell it For FREE. No Need to Leave the House, No Showings, Everything is Done 100% Virtually!

Many Sellers need to sell their home right now BUT don't want to risk exposing themselves and family to Covid-19. Our Covid-19 Seller Protection Plan solves this dilemma. We are selling homes 100% Virtually without any need to enter the home. Because we have served many families through selling their home, we have a proprietary system to create the most demand for your home online and keep your family safe. Here is how it works:

With our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program, you can sell you home while not having to worry about compromising your families' health.

The best part about our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program is that you eliminate the usually stress and worry that most home sellers have:

  • Reduce the risk of potentially sick buyers coming into your home.
  • You choose the closing date.
  • No emotional roller coaster.
  • No chance of getting stuck owning two homes.

Our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program makes the home selling process safe in these uncertain times.

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